Our Process



The biggest step is the initial idea. We are often approached by clients with very general concepts. At this point, we welcome every idea so we understand what our client is looking for. We encourage clients to email saved pictures, photos, and magazine clippings that have inspired them. Between phone calls and emails, we understand what the client wants, and our process begins.



Once we have our inspiration, AVS narrows down the ideas to a few options. Based on site visits and photos, we are able to come up with the best suited aesthetic for the space.

Renderings are provided to the client for review. When working with designers, we are able to lay out to-scale drawings on your AutoCAD file. For homeowners, we will provide you a computer rendering to give you an idea of the overall look. At this point, changes in scale, pattern, and overall layout can be made. Once we decide on a concept,  the job is quoted and a physical sample is made. Upon approval of the sample, the job begins.

* please note that there is a fee for certain sampling processes.



We ask our clients to give us at least 4 weeks lead time. This provides us with enough time to go through the approval process, and execute our work. Both sculptural and painted artwork are created in the studio. Sculptural pieces all start with original, hand made sculpts. Silicone molds are then made, and multiples can be produced. Once the pieces are completed, they are brought to site and installed. This is a very simple, non invasive process.

In order for us to have accurate measurements for our wall-coverings, a site visit is necessary. The wall is measured, and we discuss where any furniture pieces are being placed. We are able to work around sconces, furniture, mirrors, and anything else that may be hung or placed in front of the wall. Focal points and details in the painting can be placed strategically, so as to not be hidden. Once the work is finished, it is brought to site and installed like wallpaper.



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